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Umbrella (Black)


  • Handmade in Napoli, Italy, these are lovely Umbrellas. Mario Talarico, is one of the last remaining of the great tradition of Neapolitan umbrella makers. The attention to detail, from bezel to fastening ring, and the gilt logo riveted to the Malacca handles, all betokens what is a one-off piece. Together with hand-cut hickory stem and durable fabric, you will be hard pressed to find a better quality umbrella for the price. We completely sold out of these last season, so pick one up quick before they are all gone!
  • This is the classic black umbrella which shows off the Malacca handle to its best advantage, and comes with a protective sheath.
  • Size Guide: Total length of Umbrella - 93cm.

Mario Talarico

In a small alley off Via Toledo in Naples works Mario Talarico, now in his 80's. He is the fourth generation of master Neopolitan umbrella makers, and one of the very few left in Naples which was once the centre of umbrella world. All umbrellas are made by hand, with Malacca handles and hicory stems and lovely detail on the fasteners and bands.